Parent coach

Is there anything more important in your life than your child?


As our children are so important to us, there is no wonder that it hurts when things are not going as well as we wish with them. 

As your parent coach, I can help with challenges such as

  • arguments between you and your child

  • social pressure on how to be a good parent

  • low self-esteem

  • fighting among siblings

  • improve communication and listening between your and your child

  • how to deal with anger

  • having a child who doesn't fit in

  • anxiety about your child's future

How coaching works:

  • Email to make a booking

  • Sessions are 50 minutes online

  • I listen, ask questions and give you feedback to help you find the best way forward in your unique situation

  • In order to make coaching available to people in all economic situations, I offer a choice of different fee levels

  • I work under strict confidentiality 

  • Coaching is perfect for you if you don't want general advice, but need help and support to figure out what works best for you in your life

don't be a perfect parent,

Be the Parent that your child needs

Liv Miyagawa

I grew up in Sweden, lived and studied in various countries, and I now live with my husband and our three daughters in Tokyo, Japan. 


I love to help people to realise something new about themselves and have "aha-moments". In every part of my life I aim to lift people up


I studied at UWC Atlantic in Wales, an international boarding school where students from all over the world gather to learn, play, work for their communities and promote international understanding together. After a gap year (which I partly spent in India working with children in orphanages and schools), I studied psychology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Thereafter, I was trained by the International Coach Academy to become a Certified Professional Coach. I am now also a a member of the International Coaching Federation and accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC).


Although I'm a parent coach, I also have many clients without children. Challenges such as career transitions, relationship problems, how to get organised and how to find and prioritise what is most important are common and exciting coaching topics. 


At home, I aim to be a creative and fun mother who leads my trilingual family to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I also teach English to children and adults in my local community. 


In support of the UWC, young stundets and international peace, I have started a project to coach in exchange for donations to UWC. For more information about this project, please visit Coaching for UWC

Same Goals, Different Paths
    One of the greatest advantages of being a coach is that I get to meet people from different countries and backgrounds. However, even though we are in different places in our lives, I’m often touched by how similar we are. Endless times I’ve secretly been thinking “that’s exactly like me” when I’m coaching, even though I don’t say it out loud. We struggle with the same challenges, we have t...
Clarity, action steps and a deep sense of feeling supported
  "I have been so blessed with my coaching experience with Coach Liv and I intend to have many more sessions with her in the near future. She is very centered, uplifting and the open space she created always helped me get grounded and back to who I am. Everytime I would walk away with clarity, action steps and a deep sense of feeling supported! It seems like no topic is off limits! She is very ...
From muddled to clear
"Having coaching sessions with Liv has been a very valuable experience. She’s a great person to talk to, and I always felt welcome with whatever issues I brought to the table. At a time when my life was very complicated and muddled, the sessions made the situation I was in much clearer. They have helped me to understand what it is that I want and need, and, crucially, in developing plans for how t...
Increased awareness for what I value and find important in my life and business
      "I have been coached every week for more than a year by coach Liv Miyagawa. In that time I have enjoyed huge changes with respect to increased awareness for what I value and find important in my life and business. I have realized clarity in what blocks or holds me back and have discovered the right actions to take in order to achieve my desired goals and intentions. Liv gently and ade...

Liv Miyagawa 

Parent Coach