How self-esteem coaching can help you find answers to your problems

A self-esteem coach is not some kind of wise magician who knows the answers to everything that you want to know. In fact, a self-esteem coach will never tell you the answers to anything. What a self-esteem coach does, however, is to ask you the questions that you need to hear in order to find the answers within yourself.

You are the only expert of your life. Other people, such as your spouse, your children, your friends or your parents, may know a lot about you, but you are the person who knows the most about you. For this reason you will also be the person who is best equipped to find solutions to your challenges.

Self-Esteem Coach Liv Miyagawa

The problem is that it is not always easy to see what it is we need to by ourselves. Each person has a habit of thinking in a specific way, but finding solutions usually involves thinking in new ways. A self-esteem coach can help you to do this. By listening to you and asking the right questions, a self-esteem coach can guide you until you see the answers clearly.

It may be exciting to speak to an oracle who knows the answers to everything, but isn’t it even more exciting to speak to someone who helps you to find the clever ideas that are hiding inside your own brain, ideas that you did not even know that you had!

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